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Belt & Hose Replacements in cottonwood, az

If your automobile starts making strange noises or loses power while traveling, it may be time to repair the belts and hoses. A dependable pair of belts and hoses is necessary for any vehicle’s performance. Because these parts are critical to the running of your car, you must ensure their quality at all times. A&B Motors is here to help if you need a belt or hose replacement in Cottonwood, AZ. We’ve spent years repairing and changing hoses and belts on numerous makes and models of vehicles. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible to set up an appointment!

When Should Your Belts and Hoses Be Replaced?

The belts and hoses should be replaced every 30,000 miles. The specific amount, however, depends on the make and type of the vehicle you drive. If you are unsure when it is required to repair your vehicle’s belts and hoses, consult your owner’s manual or give us a call. We’d be happy to evaluate your vehicle and advise when it’s time to replace it.

Signs That Your Belt and Hoses Need to Be Replaced

Several indicators, including the following, can be used to assess whether or not the belt and hoses need to be replaced:

  • There is a loud screeching noise coming from under the hood.
  • The power of the engine is decreasing.
  • Your car overheats frequently.


If you detect any of these warning signals, please bring your car into our shop as soon as possible. We will analyze the matter and notify you whether the belt and hoses need to be repaired.

Damaged Belts and Hoses

If you do not maintain your belts and hoses as needed, you may face severe implications in the future. For example, if your car’s timing belt fails, the engine may experience substantial damage, resulting in a high replacement bill. It is best to avoid it altogether by maintaining a regular belt and hose replacement schedule.

Similarly, if a radiator hose on your vehicle ruptures, your engine may suffer from significant overheating and damage. Again, this expensive fix could have been prevented with routine maintenance. Don’t take any chances with your vehicle’s belts and hoses; if you suspect they need to be replaced, bring your vehicle into our shop, and we’ll take care of it.

How to Save Money by Extending the Life of Your Belts and Hoses

Repair the gasoline system in your car as quickly as possible if it’s not working correctly. Bring your vehicle to A&B Motors in Cottonwood, Arizona, for prompt and professional fuel system repairs. Once our knowledgeable crew has finished diagnosing and fixing the issue, your car will be back on the road!

  • Inspect them regularly for signs of wear and tear.
  • Overheating can expedite the wear and tear on your car’s belts and hoses, so keep your vehicle cool.
  • Keep an eye on the engine’s performance; if you notice a lack of power, it could mean that the belts or hoses are worn and need to be replaced.
  • Alternatively, as the manufacturer advises, you should replace your car’s belts and hoses every 30,000 miles.


A&B Motors has extensive experience replacing belts and hoses on various vehicle makes and models. If your belts or hoses are due for replacement or you believe they are damaged, call us immediately to schedule an appointment!