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Suspension & Steering Repairs in cottonwood,az

If your car shakes or makes a noise when turning, it’s time for suspension or steering repairs. Suspension systems help keep your vehicle stable on the road while steering systems assist you in navigating. If either of these components fails, driving can become dangerous and uncomfortable. Fortunately, most suspension and steering issues may be resolved quickly. Make an appointment with a dependable technician at A&B Motors to have your vehicle back in working order.

Suspension Techniques

A suspension system’s primary function is to keep your car’s wheels in touch with the ground, which is critical for two reasons. For starters, it contributes to a smooth ride. Second, it allows you to control the car, which is especially important when driving in rough or slick conditions.

There are many types of suspension systems, but most use shock absorbers and springs to absorb road impact. These mechanisms keep the wheels from bouncing up and down and creating a choppy ride. Furthermore, suspension systems aid in the stability of your vehicle when rounding corners or coming to a quick halt.

Steering Mechanisms

A steering system allows you to direct the movement of your vehicle. The steering wheel, steering column, and steering rack are among the components. The steering rack is responsible for turning the car by moving the wheels.

Most steering systems use hydraulic power assist, meaning fluid exists to assist in turning the wheels. This feature is useful when driving at high speeds or making sharp curves. However, driving can become extremely difficult and dangerous if any portion of the steering system fails.

Suspension and Steering Issues Symptoms

A few common symptoms may suggest a suspension or steering problem. If you observe any of these issues, you should have your vehicle evaluated by a mechanic as soon as possible:

  • While driving, your vehicle is dragging to one side.
  • The steering wheel is moving or shaking.
  • When you turn the steering wheel, you hear noises.
  • The ride is more difficult than usual.
  • You notice fluid flowing from beneath the car.


If you’re having any vehicle issues, don’t hesitate to arrange a suspension and steering inspection at A&B Motors in Cottonwood, AZ. We’ll be pleased to inspect your car and get it back in working order.

Repairs to Suspension and Steering from A&B Motors

There are several sorts of suspension and steering repairs that are relatively prevalent. These are some examples:


  • Shock Absorber Replacement: Shock absorbers can wear out over time, especially if not properly maintained. A worn shock absorber in your car might cause a bumpy ride. Furthermore, damaged shock absorbers can cause other sections of the suspension system to wear out prematurely.
  • Spring Replacement: Springs, like shock absorbers, can wear out over time or due to a collision. If the springs on your automobile are worn, they may sag in the back or sit too low to the ground. Spring replacement is a reasonably easy repair that most mechanics can perform.
  • Alignment: Proper alignment is vital for driving straight and avoiding tire wear. When driving, your car may tug to one side or the other if it is not aligned correctly. Furthermore, alignment issues might cause uneven tire wear.


There are numerous additional possible suspension and steering fixes, but these are the most prevalent. If you notice any new issues with your car’s suspension or steering, you should have it inspected as soon as possible by our team at A&B Motors. Driving with a defective suspension or steering system can be pretty dangerous. Call us today to set up an appointment!